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Multi-Sport Services


Deep Cleaning

Use of specialist equipment to remove deeply ingrained contaminants and loose fibre dust.

hockey pitch sand

Sand Infill Assessment & Replenishment


During our on site consulatation we assess the level of sand present in your artifcial turf profile and provide appropriate recommendations.


Goals Replacement & Refurbishment


Sports equipment can become tatty if not adequately maintained. A low cost solution can be to replace nets and apply specialist paint to rusty frames, or full replacement if the structure is unable to be repaired.

Sports pitch maintenance report

Strimming & Hedge Cutting

Weeds can rapidly encroach into the pitch playing area during the summer months if not kept under control.

pitch maintenance

Brushing & Cleaning


Power-brushing and drag matting of multi-sport facilities to clean and maximise pile height and re-distribute infill material.

sports pitch repair

Patching & Repairs


If not attended to quickly a loose edge of seam, line or penalty spot can rapidly develop into a dangerous trip hazard, meaning that your facility will be unsafe for use until repaired.


Weeds, Moss, Debris & Leaves Removal & Treatment


Weeds and moss can amass through both perimeter encroachment and wind born germination. Our expertise ensures prevention by removal at source of large weeds and moss spores, and appropriate spray treament.

Line painting

Line Painting


Spray painting lines onto all types of synthetic grass surfacing.

sports pitch report

Maintenance Reports


An assessment of the condition of all elements of your facility is provided after each visit with a report drawn up with recommendations provided for any remediative action.

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