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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need my pitch maintained?

A structured maintenance regime is vital to pro-long the lifespan of your facility(s) to maximise the initial investment made. A regular specialist service ensures that the surface is kept free of litter, dirt and debris, to monitor and carry out any repairs, and de-compact the surface to ensure efficient drainage to prevent standing water. Most importantly a structured maintenance regime is essential to ensure safety for users of the pitch.

Can our grounds maintenance team carry out our all-weather facility maintenance in-house?

Maintaining an artificial turf or hard court facility is very different to grass cutting a natural grass playing field. Certain activities can be carried out by a grounds maintenance team. Pitch Maintenance Services advise what tasks should be carried out by grounds staff, and provide a detailed breakdown of what is included in our specialist service.

How often does my facility require maintenance?

There are many variables which affect the required frequency of specialist maintenance visits. These include factors such as; number of hours use, type of surface & sports played, size of pitch and what surrounds the facility. All of these considerations along with budgetary constraints will be assessed in our onsite consultation, and a tailored maintenance plan drawn up specific to your needs.

What does your service include and how long does it take?

A formal quotation is provided following an onsite visit with a detailed breakdown of activities which will be carried out, tailored to the requirements of your pitch. The duration of each maintenance visit is dependent upon several factors. Often it will take longer on initial visits, reducing over time as the surface(s) improve with a regular specialist maintenance regime. All projects have a full day dedicated, so we guarantee a full working day on your site.

How do you fit in around our bookings?

We understand the demands from users wanting to use facilities most hours of the day. We can provide dates for the year ahead to avoid clashing with important fixtures, booking into school holiday periods where required, on a first come first served basis. We aim to be as flexible as possible with our clients and are able to reschedule visits at relatively short notice. It is possible for us to work around activities, for example sectioning off half of a pitch allowing use of one side whilst we maintain the other and swapping over, or for maintenance work to cease during break times.

How do I go about organising my facility to be maintained?

Please use our contact page to get in touch via phone or email and we will respond to organise a free on site consultation.

What type of facilities can you maintain?

Basically anything that isn't natural grass. Please see our services pages which summarise our core working areas.

Are your staff DBS checked to work in schools?

All staff have a full DBS check (previously CRB) to allow safe working on school sites. In addition we also hold Site Supervisors 2 day training assessment, CSCS and Oxford College of First Aid.

Why choose Pitch Maintenance Services over other companies?

  • Scheduling - A maintenance plan to suit you, with dates to tie in with busy timetables

  • Experience - Over ten years maintaining every type of artificial sports surface

  • Reliability - An honest, dependable, professional and friendly service

  • Value - A fraction of the cost of competitors

  • Information - Comprehensive expertise on the construction formation of your sports and play facilities

  • Commentary - Detailed report following each maintenance visit to provide continual monitoring on the condition of your facility

  • Endurance - A full day on site for each maintenance visit

  • Safety - All staff are trained in First Aid, Site Safety and hold an up to date DBS check for working in schools

Does rain or bad weather stop your work?

We work year-round even in heavy rain! The only weathers which prevent our works are snow, ice and excessive flooding.

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