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Non-Turf Cricket Services


Batting & Bowling Ends Resurfacing

Resurfacing and re-levelling of non-turf cricket practice facilities with ECB approved tufted and woven cricket surfaces.


Netting & Accessories

Supply and installation of high tenacity cricket netting incorporating rodent protection skirting and sight screen netting.

cricket nets maintenance

Extensive Surface Maintenance

Intensive cleaning of deeply ingrained dirt, moss and weeds to non-turf cricket practice nets and match pitches.

cricket pitch maintenance

Weeds, Moss & Dirt Removal & Treatment


Weeds and moss can amass through both perimeter encroachment and wind born germination. Our expertise ensures prevention by removal at source of large weeds and moss spores, and appropriate spray treament.


Patches & Repairs

Patching non-turf cricket practice nets and match pitches to replace worn block-hole areas and damage sustained through mowers and vandalism.

artificial cricket pitch

Crease Marking


For non-turf cricket practice and match pitch facilities, to regulation distance or junior run-ups as requested.

cricket pitch maintenance



Removal of over-growing turf from the perimeter of non-turf cricket practice nets and match wickets to maximise playing area and provide a clean finish.

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